Holmes radiometric dating

27-Apr-2020 09:32

Some Wikipedia: Biblical Wikipedia:young earth creationists believe that the earth was formed as recently as 4004 BC, whereas Wikipedia: Hindu beliefs have the Wikipedia:universe enduring for billions of years before being destroyed and recreated in an endless cycle.After the Wikipedia:scientific revolution and the discovery of radiometric age dating, measurements of lead in uranium-rich Wikipedia:minerals showed that some were in excess of a billion years old.This was a challenge to the traditional view, which saw the history of the Earth as static, with changes brought about by intermittent Wikipedia:catastrophes.

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Template: Main Rock Wikipedia:minerals naturally contain certain elements and not others.

In 1862, the physicist William Thomson (who later became Lord Kelvin) of Wikipedia: Glasgow published calculations that fixed the age of the Earth at between 24 million and 400 million years.

He assumed that the Earth had been created as a completely molten ball of rock, and determined the amount of time it took for the ball to cool to its present temperature.

Wikipedia: Charles Darwin's son, the astronomer George H.

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Darwin of the Wikipedia: University of Cambridge, proposed that the Earth and Wikipedia: Moon had broken apart in their early days when they were both molten.

Their values were consistent with Thomson's calculations.

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