Glt liquidating

17-Jul-2020 09:05

Sweden and Germany are much the same, and other Western European countries — France, Belgium, and the Netherlands — are almost as bad.

All are using the same types of non-totalitarian methods to enforce an efficient, technologically advanced regimen of thought control.

The change of tactics is an indication that the brainwash-and-intimidate regime is no longer fully effective.

As it happens, while I was preparing this essay two separate tidbits of news came in that reflect on this topic.

the state-imposed ideology, at least to a certain extent; and fear of being prosecuted and fined (or even, God forbid, sent to prison to be at the mercy of Muslim inmates), of losing one’s job, of having one’s children taken away, etc.

Those who don’t really believe the “racism” foolishness are at least well aware that they need to keep their mouths shut on certain topics.

And these aren’t liberal-progressives; they’re moderately conservative people who have swallowed the standard GOPe line that immigration is good for the economy. “I lift my lamp beside the golden door,” as Emma Lazarus so famously wrote — the lines that have come to be known as the “0th Amendment to the Constitution” by unreconstructed paleocons.

I’m sure our British and European readers have had similar experiences with friends who really, really believe in the They’re evidence of the phenomenal success enjoyed by the control systems that keep Westerners in line.

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