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The number of infections may well have grown to 75,000 by April (that's 50% of the population) but, on the other hand, may have peaked already. But the clinic claims they're just renters and can just continue their work. Health minister Whiteman will stay away from the auctions as he's been reproached that he only wants to bankrupt the clinic.Crazy MAN "Mudbelly" Cooper has written a letter to education minister Dick alleging that the government wants to stop the Carnival festivities. Cft financial supervision is worried about next year's budget. The situation of government-owned CDM Dokmaatschappij, C***-Post and Aqualectra are specifically mentioned.Bad Memory MAN Cooper demands that minister Balborda does something about private privateers illegally occupy Klein Curaçao island.He even advises the government to send a bulldozer over to rip those buildings away. But ole Mudbelly seems to have forgotten the manipulations with Caracasbaai when "Total Failure" Ex-PM Shorty's MFM party organized what should have been a massive demonstration against the measures taken by present finance minister Jardim. Maybe because everybody is conscious of the fact that all those measures had to be taken because Shorty's government spent close to 400 million guilders in 2 years. We are to blame for all that rubbish, need they tell us?At any rate, those guys deciding to go for it at 60 have a very good point, with present life expectancy at birth 72.4 years (for males). It's Our Own Problem Holland keeps Isla refinery out of the report on biodiversity because not enough is known on the refinery's effect on the green environment. However, judging from the photographs the size of the box is deplorably small, even smaller than the regulation boxes we all had to buy two years ago. Admittedly, their pyrethrin insecticides are not dangerous to mammals and birds. Also because of 2014 investment projects, they (once again) expect the economy to grow with a paltry, meager and minuscule 1.5%.Females (80.1 years) can afford a few years extra work; for them it pays off. The kingdom has signed international agreements (like the Montreal 1987 protocol and the Rio 1992 biodiversity agreement) and Curaçao is supposed to comply. No wonder they were so furious when Holland wanted to tighten up those screenings. Only, they don't even know yet where it's supposed to come; this while building was supposed to start around last July. Which probably means I'll have to go to the main office much more often than now, as books won't fit in there (I went to great trouble and expense to get an oversized box). But they don't seem to help much: there are 8000 chikungunya patients now and every week 1000 are added. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) protested against his being hired as General Director. All that fuss about the Carnaval pageant has resulted in the march following the old route after all. They We Can't Wait The government prognosis for 1915 is that because of the tax cuts, 1500 new jobs will be created. Management of the Taams Clinic accuses the government of trying a "hostile take-over", after their own take-over five years ago.Besides, they say, a total 171 million guilders is supposed to be invested before the year's end, which they describe as "irrealistic" (only 80 million out of those 171 have been invested as yet). It's a Start—But Much Too Late The government has demolished eleven structures illegally under construction on a 3 ha/7.6 acre terrain. But as it has been their non-policy for many decades to let all those illegal builders go ahead, this is of very little help.

Those last had already been put to good use, as part of the bars in several cells had been partly sawed through.

Also compensations people have to be pay are not registered as they should.