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The factors ranged from the environment to the mix of personalities, body types, and preferences.We have explicitly developed and refined systems for guaranteeing physical health, dealing with consent, screening new attendees for fit, and so on. We have hundreds of members, and I’m very proud of the culture, the extreme respect that members feel for each other, and an atmosphere that everyone praises as being safe, consent-based, and the beginning of the game, it looks as though Shepard has been detained in a manner known as House Arrest Quarters.House Arrest Quarters is a commonly used form of pretrial and during trial detention for military personnel, as well as a commonly used Non Judicial Punishment.He shuts off life support to wounded marines and causes some Alliance warships to crash while docking.His replacement on the other hand only steals food and medicines.

Shepard got a head full of Prothean info from the beacons, okay.Notice for all editors: Check the history for this page both before and after editing.We've been getting a lot of entries that keep getting deleted by accident by tropers editing within minutes of each other.And despite the famed Anvilicious-ness of the show, some of the lessons taught by the show are important for the teenage audience.

The show is usually cited as one of the few "earnest" Teen Dramas and the show has won a Peabody in 2011 for the portrayal of Adam, the first regular transgender character in the history of teen television.

We now have several hundred members and if this were an activity that could be done above board, I would be trying to turn it into an actual business.