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03-Nov-2020 18:14

In surveys of men who buy sexual services, a high proportion typically claim to want some kind of human relationship.Silent, sullen prostitutes who make no effort to get to know the client, talk to him or pretend the encounter is enjoyable for them are apt to prompt complaints from punters, even if those punters also describe them as physically attractive and compliant.

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When I first read about this I was sceptical, for reasons that are succinctly summarized in this comment left by a man: But while this may be the prevailing attitude among the minority of men who regularly fuck inanimate objects, there are reasons to think it is not how most men feel.Here’s a typical extract from Myketiak’s data, in which the two parties have taken the roles of a male and a female (most likely this reflects their offline identities, but we don’t know for sure).In the transcript ‘F’ and ‘M’ identify the female and the male participant.One of the individuals Hall spoke to wasn’t even a woman, he was a man who could pass for a woman on the phone.

On the question of race, the view was widely held that white women made the best Black women, and vice-versa.

It turned out that the website was basically running a scam. Or: ‘I’m sexy, discreet, and always up for kinky chat. What tipped him off wasn’t, however, the bots’ clunkily-scripted lines.