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It isn't usually "kill all cats," it's "kill feral domesticated cat breeds," as they are basically like unregulated hunters killing year round.Your taking their statements to the general "kill every cat" is probably why they gave you the look of disapproval.She wants to get some sort of spy camera set up to catch the perpetrator in the act if they return.

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The UK is an oddity in that there's stronger public support for animal welfare and more in the way of funding available to make this possible.Keeping your cat indoors, especially during the day, will benefit wildlife greatly."I know you can buy these sorts of things for cars... Although my original comment was somewhat tongue-in-cheek I'm curious as to what exactly you're objecting to.What difference does it truly make if a cat is hunting a bird, or if a human is hunting a cat? My conjecture is that the argument stems from the cat's attempt to live in the current eco system.People who love nature know that she is a cruel mistress and death is just one of her many seductions.

People who love animals don't like to see the brutality that nature inflicts upon its creatures, and many choose to believe that animals are harmless if taken care of.

A couple of things: The first two points lhankbhl did a pretty good job of describing.