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As for verb forms, those you have learnt are the standard ones, but Gipuzkoans normally say zera not zara, zerate not zarete, det not dut, and although many Gipuzkoans say dute some use due.

Furthermore, not all the words you have learnt in this book are used in most dialects; for example, the word for ‘far* in both Bizkaian and northern Basque is urrun. Naroa: Berriketan hasi baino lehen, nahi al duzue kafetxo bat prestatzea? Xabier: Azterketak bukatu nituenean, Leitzara joan nintzcn egun batzuk pasatzera eta aldizkaria egitera.

King and Begotxu Olaizola Elordi London and New York First published 1996 by Routledge 11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE Simultaneously published in the USA and Canada by Routledge 29 West 35th Street, New York, NY 10001 Routledge is an International Thomson Publishing company Bai, baina beste seilu hori zaharragoa da.

Exercise 8 Find the sentences in the dialogue that mean: 1 No, this is too small.

Naroak lagunak ditu Naroa has friends in the North. A: Hiztegi honek zenbat How much does this dictionary' balio du?

By adding adjectival -ko (see Unit 7) to the instrumental, we get the compound suffix -zko which is found in numerous adjectival expressions, such as euskarazko Iiburua ‘Basque book* (lit.

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In Unit 9 we saw that it may be used to express ‘about’, in which case with the singular and plural article it takes the forms -az and -ez respectively, e.g. ‘by bad luck*), nere iritziz or nere ustez ‘in my opinion*.

To say ‘Let’s (do something)*, we can place gaitezen (with intran- sitive verbs) or dezagun (with transitives) after the verb as in the first two examples above. You can also use the future tense in a question to suggest joint action, c.g.

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