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Notting Hill Carnival The carnival is held on the Summer Bank Holiday, the last Monday in August.

It features a colourful procession, elaborate and extravagant costumes, and the music of many steel bands.

(1964) Mount Vesuvius erupts near Pompeii in southern Italy.

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Michaelmas Day (September 29) is traditionally the last day of the harvest season.

In Exeter, a large white glove was put on the end of a long pole which was decorated with flowers and held on high to let people know that the merriment of Lammas Fair was beginning.

Lammas Superstition To bring good luck, farmers would let the first corn bread go stale and then crumble it over the corners of their barns.

It originated as a medieval gathering of bards and minstrels, attended by people across Wales, who competed for the prized chair at the noble's table.

Held during the first week of August, it celebrates Welsh arts and culture.

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