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04-Mar-2020 00:37

Wake up the following morning without my virginity and my first STD..some random trailer park girl came over to my house around 11pm when i was 14 years old (she was prlly my age) asked to come in. About 15 minutes later, we get a knock on our door, and these two blonde chicks appear are outside saying they met my roommate out that night and he said to come to our room as we were all in the same dorm.Being the gentlemen that I am, I invite them in and my plastered roommate and I each start flirting with the girls.So we get back downstairs, and we chill in my living room for a bit, kick back a few more beers and I told her I was hitting the hay.I got her some pillows and a blanket, told her if she needed to use the bathroom just use the one attached to my room since it was actually clean compared to my roommates. Not 10 minutes before i shut my eyes I get a knock on the door.

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Luckily my girl tells the other girl she's not finished with me yet, inserts my schlong into her mouth and proceeds to give me some of the best head of my life. Summer before college seeing a girl for about two months before leaving for school. For some reason she got pissed off at me and decided to make out with one of my buds.

So..best friend takes me to the side to say my ex overacted and she wanted me to calm down and needed to tell me something. we are about to drive off and best friend says yo i traded you to my cousin for her friend. w0w IN on epic thread This December I was sent to Hawaii on work for a month working at a hotel on the small island of Lanai.

FWB for two months after, still good friends just both found other people.

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On a class trip in Germany for 2 weeks last December. One night this chick wants to trade massages since we are sore. Little did she know I'd be goin in for the goods from around the side. Come back from the bathroom and this chick is on the couch.So me being the gentleman I am, went and picked her up.(Kinda of a bad idea because I had to open the gym at 6am.) So I go and pick her up, we come back to the the apartment complex, and I help her up to the 3rd floor due to the icy conditions.

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