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10-Sep-2020 15:12

Permanently prohibiting involvement may compromise the client's exercise of autonomy in determining with whom, and how, to be involved in personal relationships.The issue of sexual involvements with former clients therefore requires its own analysis to determine when, if ever, such involvements may be ethically permissible or, put a different way, whether and to what extent such involvements should be prohibited.The possibility of post-termination sexual involvements raises a number of empirical questions directly relevant to our ethical analysis, as the following six examples show: Note three things about Ethical Standard 10.08.First, by creating an absolute prohibition against sexual involvements for two years post-termination and then placing the burden on the psychologist to demonstrate that the involvement is not exploitative, the standard gives priority to nonmaleficence while leaving room for the exercise of client autonomy.

Second, evidence available at the time standard 10.08 was written suggests that the significant majority of these involvements take place within two years of termination.In the alternative, the evidence may suggest that relaxing the prohibitive aspects of the standard is appropriate.In whichever direction the standard evolves, its evolution should rest upon solid clinical thinking and good research.Sexual involvements with former clients and patients, however, are more complicated from an ethical perspective.

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Time may attenuate the intensity and even the likelihood that an involvement will result in harm.When the news broke recently that hackers had breached Ashley Madison, the dating website that helps married people find out-of-wedlock romance, the Internet responded with a lot of snark and not much sympathy.

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