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29-Sep-2020 14:13

The never-before-seen video above is from my private collection, and appears to feature Emma Watson fully nude and flaunting her naked sex organs while showering with another girl.

As a pious Muslim I was duty bound to share this Emma Watson nude shower video and expose her immoral ways because (believe it or not) Emma Watson is something of a role model in the barbaric infidel West, and I could no longer sit idly by while Emma led impressionable girls down the path of depravity with her blasphemous feminist ideology.

The worm hitting Facebook Profiles and Groups with post of malicious porn link and tagging others too in same post.

Spammers are abusing Google Translate and Short url services to keep their links unblocked by Facebook's automated malware scanner.

Emma Watson appears to be bait that cybercriminals are particularly fond of deploying, in much the way that Britney Spears was in the early 2000s, with a number of recent “naked photo” scams involving the young actress lately.Full details of this latest scam are detailed by The Hacker News, who explain that clicking on the links takes users to what claims to be an “age verification” dialog.