Dreadlock dating

02-Jan-2020 14:29

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the condition of your hair speaks of your genetic make up as well as your current health.

and that defines your status of being desireable/undesireable mating material.

the findings of social anthropological studies tell us the way we maintain our hair affects prospective mates on a subconscious level.

the most attractive being a thick head of heathy longish hair on a woman.

As you all know, to meet Rastafarian singles is very difficult, our community is very small, and Rasta people live everywhere but usually live a very private, quite lifestyle.

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This is a place to get to know people who Love Rastafari and or Jamaican Culture.Does this hinder your perception, and stop you from pursuing someone because of their dreadlocks? Most will not be my age, though, so it's not likely a choice I'll ever have to make.yuk, not to be offensive o.p.Have you ever seen someone that you would consider dating if HE/SHE did not have locks? and I don't get why you say "everyone knows there is a stigma"... yet i view them as unsanitary and very unattractive ego a few papers in university on primal attraction.ratty knots of hair puts you in an entirely different league and most likely will attract those not seeking out healthy associations.

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A normal hairstyle was implied to be anything non-dreadlocked.I'm not sure if my choice of hairstyle has ever actually kept me from getting dates or not, but I'm sure it has for some people.

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