Donghae dating someone

17-May-2020 04:15

But in any case, you are absolutely right, these things are rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt at best, no one is saying otherwise. It makes more sense since she matches more his personality and type. look better at this picture (Wendy and Irene near Chanyeol) instead of Chanyeol, think is Changmin, they are same height.

The only thing hinting at Changmin is "Senior in the army" but there's also Yunho, Donghae, Siwon, etc? Changmin has a pretty specific type, even just physically, and it's not Irene. Baidu rumors I would take with a grain of salt anyway since there's thousands of them.

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Jumping rope together 10 times was randomly selected which caused Donghae to immediately refuse.

My ideal type from 3 years ago is significantly different than what I like now.