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08-Jul-2020 08:38

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Every youth pastor should be trained on the difference between the worldly concept of dating and the biblical concept of courtship.Dating is revolutionized if the following guidelines are followed: Courtship Although the Bible does not lay out specifics regarding courtship, since some of the biblical marriages were arranged by families (for example, the Old Testament patriarch Isaac and his wife Rebecca were brought together supernaturally by God with the order of Abraham), when we piece together all the principles of Scripture we have a good plan for courtship.(For example, someone may wake up without those strong feeling of romance and be deceived into thinking they are no longer "in love" with their mate.This gives an excuse to begin another search for their true "soul mate" to experience romance again!Courtship Stage Two people who have confirmed it is the will of God for them to be together should begin a process of spending time together.

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Couples should especially study biblical love as found in 1 Corinthians 13 and understand that it is the commitment that arises out of covenant that will sustain their marriage–not merely the feeling of love.Both families should get to know each other since marriage also unites two families, not just two people.

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