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' I have to confess, I absolutely love my life. " It's not often you get to quote your online dating profile's personal "narrative".And why wouldn't I I live in this beautiful city where I get to go for morning walks on the mountain, surf in Muizenberg (when the Cape Doctor isn't making house calls) or just relax in some postcard- perfect spot and read. That's the part where you get 20 to 2 000 words to "sell" yourself, or at least the SABS-approved version you want to put forward.To enhance your matching opportunities your profile may appear on some of our network services.

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He obviously doesn't mind dating a stocky, chain-smoking agnostic with children on benefits. Using pictures to draw attention to you In her first week, surfyogi continued to swim through the spam in search of her winning sperm. This is one space where pictures speak a thousand words, most of which go unsaid.Thank you for bringing this beautiful girl into my life, I will for ever be thanking you.