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You can attend the rose, food, flower and 17 other festivals held in the city during the year and let us not forget about the ever popular Songkran water festival, and also visit the many sights in and around Chiang Mai.

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Now after we found someone to takeover his rental contract he told us he found a new place to live.. And it turns out that too noisy at that condo complex as well and after 5 months he wanted out again.Start things off with a delicious large bowl of soup which may be identical to that served to you in a more expensive restaurant, select a cooked dish to your liking with bottled water and ice-cream for dessert and get a check for US for the two of you.You may find that the large bowl of soup alone is enough to fill you up.Young and old alike will enjoy attending the festivals, sampling the delicious and fresh Thai food, visiting the Buddhist temples and riding through town in the open aired taxi or a motorcycle with sidecar “touk touk”.

With only a portion of the money you are saving by living here in Chiang Mai you can go back home on regular visits and also pay for your grandchildren/children to vacation here.

This is the typical amount that most of our clients spends per month.