Dating people from different cultures

10-Mar-2020 21:20

Displaying complicated imagery believed to represent, among other things, the lunar cycle, the stone shows that their civilization had a firm grasp on astronomy.Known to their contemporaries as great farmers and traders, the Huastec remained independent for hundreds of years before they were conquered by the Aztecs in the 1300s.One of the only sites to have been discovered, the ancient walled city of Kuelap was probably their capital and is the largest stone complex in South America, larger even than Machu Picchu.

Lastly, since nearly their entire population was decimated by diseases brought by the Spaniards (some estimates guess as much as 90 percent) and firsthand accounts are almost nonexistent, one of their characteristics has raised a lot of controversy.

Between the years of 14, consecutive invasions by the great Incan king Pachacuti and his son Topa (aka Tupac) ended the independent rule of the Chimu and they eventually faded out of existence.

As for their religious beliefs, one of their most important deities was Si, the goddess of the Moon.

Snaketown, a trading site located along the Gila River, was one of the largest villages the Hohokam people ever built and the first of their villages to be excavated.

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There, archaeologists uncovered one of the largest courts ever found on which Mesoamericans played the ball game for which they’re famous.Later Spanish visitors observed that the Huastec generally didn’t wear clothing of any kind.