Dating pearl drums tiger eye

04-Nov-2019 03:33

These garlands didn't bring a high price at the market, but my work helped my family to save money to support my studies.

"I participate at every local festival in our town.

This drum is played before a soldier goes to war, and again upon his return.

Sometimes I'm a Thai dancer, leading the parade to the temple. Once I almost won first place, but that was only in a village contest.

This is my personal challenge, and it is great fun and a good experience for me.

My first drum set was purchased for me by my father in 1971.

It was an old, beat up silver sparkle Kent set made in New York in the late fifties.

I want to help preserve nature and our environment; so that it will remain with us. In the future, I'd like to have a small shop of my own, in which to sell my jewelry.

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