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21-Sep-2020 06:26

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If you find the tube in North America, assume the European code is correct.

If you find the tube in Europe, assume the USA code is correct.

Vacuum tubes were simply a commodity that everyone needed like batteries or light bulbs are today.

For the most part, back then no one cared when a tube was made or who made it, they just wanted a good product that would work and bring their radio, amplifier or TV back to life.

From the Panasonic codes at the bottom of the link ( onclick=";return false; ) that "thousandshirts" provided the B stands for Mullard and the V stands for Bharat Electronics India So is this Sylvania actually a made in India Mullard short plate 12AX7A?

Thanks Hello Okiwaso- Yes, the first is a Blackburn made Mullard, the second is Bharat Electronic Limited (BEL) made in Bangalore, India.

When trying to identify a tube it makes the most sense to first determine where it was made. Depending on where it was made, you there are different clues to look for.

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Pooping cam

Often, the printed brand or printed country is incorrect.

Which is part of the reason it can be so hard to figure out today.