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06-Mar-2020 08:46

As the secular time increased into multiple tens of thousands of years we would expect the calibration factor to become smaller and smaller, tapering off into an exponential decay type of shape.Based on this we can fit by eye a reasonable calibration curve for the period, as shown in figure 2.The graph shows the last glacial maximum occurring at 22,000 years ago, when sea level was at its lowest, and the sea-level rise reaching the present level at about 7,000 years ago, all within the secular timescale.It was the biblical Flood that provided the conditions on Earth that caused the Ice Age immediately after the Flood.It may be claimed that the method is circular, that we have massaged the figures to get the answer that we want.

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This is a broad-brush approach to adjusting secular dates to fit in with ages based on the historical reports in the Bible.However, in many depositional environments even the OSL signal may not be completely reset at deposition.In the last decade ALRL has pioneered the measurement of single mineral grains as a method for identifying those grains which were reset, providing methods for dating such complex sediments.However, it is the dates on the chart rather than the sea levels that are primarily needed for an age calibration.

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An analysis of the magnitude of the sea-level fall needs to be evaluated, but this is outside the scope of this Tas Walker In the past 20 years a number of studies have been published on the rise in global sea level since the last glacial maximum.

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