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CONTINUED ON PAGE 70 SEPTEMBER 200 LONDON, MAY 11-13 2007 Lnedtia Casta mill mill DC: MM/\K/\R/\M N E W Y O R K THE PARTY CONTINUES ON For an assortment of original stories and \ideos. So those Abercrombie abs and that Jessica Simpson rack may be on the way out, reports Amy Fine Collins. / / ' /I ' ,\ I MAIvl G MADRID TOKYO Hh H (.if, Br Mr, SHOP BCBG COM AVAILABLE AT MACY'S, MACYS. (Note: I am a former administrative and budget officer for the United Nations World Food Programme.) The media attention Africa is getting is fabulous, and this issue of Vanify Fair redress- es a century of inattention. YOU KNOW THEY'RE GOING TO MAKE A MOVIE OUT OF IT." RSIIi Ppippm SIP!The Administrator is Vision Critical Communications Inc., Suit.. If /Perry Ellis 9^ Perry Ellis , vanity fair agenda Ul Uj W lulls Black and W hilr and Free to IVoni Rtnlon®? 'Receipts must be received no later than October 15, 2007 Offer good on purcfiases made at participating retailers only, August 15- September 30, 2007 While supplies lost. Limit one set of bangles (two bracelets per set) per person. A Visa Signalui o Fxcliisi M' K\enl A Dazzling Night at Christie's and You're Invited Visa Signature^ cardholders ore exclusively invited to an evening of fine art and fine dining. VIARITO Associate Legal Affairs Editor CHRISTOPHER HICKMA. I have closely followed the development of various labels and certifica- tions. The six-part prime-time series, executive produced by Robert Redford, takes you on a journey witti some of today's leading pioneers from the worlds of entertainment, business, cuisine, music, and more.For a limited time, you'll receive a set of black and white bangles with any purchase of Revlon® Color Cosmetics, including the New Revlon 3D Extreme'" Mascara. Hosted at Christie's, by the auction house's specialists, guests can indulge in the rare opportunity to try on fine jewels in on intimate setting and preview art and other treasures. N Associate Copy Editor DAVID FENNER Research Editor MARY FLYNN Deputy Research Editors K.^THRYN BELGIORNO. In my opinion, the Certified Humane label, praised by V. The Certified Humane program allows animals to be raised in what I consider "fac- tory farms," large, corporately owned total- confinement facilities. I.'s pig- farming standards for more than 10 years. I FIND IT SAD that Tina Brown chose to describe Gianni Versace's killer as a "gay psychopath" ["Diana's Final Heart- break," July]. I'm sure Brown fully understands the power of words, and using the word "gay" in such a pe- jorative manner only serves to subtly enforce stereotypes that I'm quite sure she does not hold. Discover tfte shared passions and often surprising revelations of tfiese groundbreaking individuals wfra have transformed our cultural landscape with tfieir extraordinary contributions. Leave Africa alone and put the time, effort, and money into making our own population health- ier. Your readers may want to know that they can check out the financial health of charities to which they are considering contribut- ing at EDITOR'S LETTER No, He Is Not the Paris Hilton of U. Presidents Ts it possible that for the past seven years we've gotten President George W. Is it possible that that effortless stupidity and inex- plicable arrogance that have become his hallmark are all just an act? Is it possible that Bush figured he could accomplish more for the commonweal if he didn't come off as just another responsible, competent world leader? Perhaps the vice president actually does report to the president. but instead, like Castro, works through the night in some candlelit aerie in the West Wing, his Promethean intellect humming away as he dots the /'s and crosses the t's of his devilishly clever master plan.

Conquer- ing disease and poverty will only mean future hardship for those who have been saved, as populations explode and suffer- ing becomes more extreme. GREY GOOSE World's Best Tasting Vodka Sip Responsibly.

LORRAINE MEEHAN Hampton, New Jersey I'M NOT a trendsetter, not really into high fashion or up on the latest celebrity gossip. everyone v\ould give him a wide berth, much the way drivers slow down when they see a car swerving madly up ahead. (See Todd Purdum's "Inside Bush's Bunker, " on page 332.) Perhaps the president has been playing chess while the rest of us have been playing checkers. Let's say he "bungled" the Katrina evacu- ation and recovery on such an epic scale not because he was incompetent— nobody could be that incompetent— but rather as a tough-love gesture to force the good people of Louisiana and Mississippi to stand on their own two feet. Barlett and Steele discovered, that its mailing address is a post-office box in Nassau.