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26-Dec-2019 13:21

“I guess he thinks he’s this actor and he can do whatever the hell he wants to people,” she continued. To have somebody force themselves on you like that — it made me feel very uncomfortable and grossed out.”A longtime friend of the executive told Buzz Feed News that she called her soon after she left the hotel room and told her what happened.

“It was fresh, because she was really upset,” the friend said.

She said she didn’t think much of it because “he was a nice enough guy.” (Piven specifically denied ever meeting any woman in a Montreal hair salon or inviting her to his hotel).

When she went inside, she said Piven suddenly pinned her against the wall by grabbing her shoulders and arms while he tried to kiss her.

Laura Loftus, a childhood friend of Mc Cain Olson's, told Buzz Feed News that Mc Cain Olson called her after the incident occurred in 1985 and told her what Piven did.

Another friend, who asked to remain anonymous, also told Buzz Feed News that Mc Cain Olson brought the incident up to her when they first became friends about 15 years ago.

(The woman could not recall the exact date but said it was around 1994; Piven had been in the city to film Dr. Hyde, which was released in 1995) The woman, who’s now 46, said she met Piven at a hair salon in which she was working at the time and agreed to show him around town, but made it clear she wasn’t romantically interested in him.

Piven told her to meet him at his hotel, but when she arrived she was told by the front desk to go up to his room because he wasn’t ready.

She said it was “almost expected you’d have to fight somebody off” at some point, and that she didn’t have the language or understanding to describe the incident.“In those days, sexual assault was rape and I was like, ‘Well, he didn’t rape me,’” Mc Cain Olson said.

Shortly before the publication of that piece, Piven also praised the reporters for their “due diligence.”All three women who spoke to Buzz Feed News for this story, in multiple exchanges over the course of two months, said they felt compelled to share their experiences because they were frustrated with Piven’s past denials.“For him to deny it, that infuriates me,” said one of the women, Susan Mc Cain Olson. She said she even attended the wrap party at the conclusion of filming."At one point, in fact, I remember the director was afraid to put me in any more scenes as an extra because it would look weird that we were in the movie and didn’t have lines,” she said.