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16-Mar-2020 23:05

That ill-advised “like” for the royal family which unleashed a deluge of monarchy-inspired tat spilling down my newsfeed. But what if Facebook introduced us to the love of our life?

That joke to a friend about Thai massages which prompted an unspeakable offer from an insalubrious salon in SE17. The yin to our yang, the cream in our coffee, the Philip to Her Majesty the Queen.

Well, in that case, Facebook is a born-again Cupid.

All is forgiven and let him take whatever data he needs. Read more: Facebook to have fling in dating market with new app Facebook is a multi-billion dollar business, offering a free service.

Of course, there were the standard unsolicited “dick pics”, crude conversations, and people who were looking to cheat on their partners; all situations which I found myself caught up in to some extent.

We all knew this, we just looked away and went “laaah” loudly, until the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal reminded us how dumb we are when it comes to protecting our privacy.However, perhaps with the exception of the dick pic phenomenon, everyone could still fall foul to the other pitfalls I mentioned, regardless of whether they were using a dating app or otherwise.Just a few examples: the woman this week who received unsolicited messages from a takeaway delivery driver, the catcalls that we receive on a daily basis, the person who gave you their number in a club who has a partner waiting for them at home.Without going in to the nitty-gritty details, I found it pretty successful for pretty much every avenue considered; I met people who I went on great romantic dates with, I met people who I would still consider myself to be friends with now, and I met someone who I’ve been in a very happy relationship with for three years.

That’s not to say that my time Tinder-ing wasn’t without its downfalls.I should perhaps clarify this by talking about my own experiences with dating apps, and the wider dating world.

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