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05-Feb-2020 08:44

I know that this controverts the conventional wisdom about how perfumes are blended but for me this is a thing.

I initially disregarded this scent when I tried it for the first time at the start of the year.

and no, my dear milennials, NOT just for the older generations. I love the florals, honeyed rose violet, that are unfortunately very subdued on me, also the green notes, and the slightly soapy ambery notes complement the green/floral notes very nicely. ~I would say- hard to describe a rare gem...hidden diamond... For the base and dry down I get a lovely clean soapiness, but a very expensive classy french soap.

One to try if you want a complex soapy scent of distinction and subtlety. One spray under the shirt, it goes a long way, you will smell nice n'clean and you will get compliments. Well, yes, it is - in the same way that the sweeping metallic curves of a well-proportioned classic car are cold, or the finely etched stone of a masterful sculpture. That is also true - in the same way that the wit of the finest satirist is sharp, or the point of a perfectly cut jewel.

As this was an heirloom of sorts, I've been very careful with it as it means a great deal to my friend - enough that she passed it on to someone who'd use it.

Maybe it's the sentimentality talking, but I honestly think the vintage is the way to go.

I was reminded of something my Grandma used to say if something smelled too "green" or medicinal/herbal. For years I have been sighing about how much I miss Chanel 19, which I used to love as a very young woman, decades ago, but haven't worn in many, many years.

She would say "That smells like funeral home." I realized that was exactly what this scent reminded me of. I waited for it to dry down into something I liked, but it just didn't happen. He didn't realize that the reason I hadn't re-purchased this is that I haven't been wowed by the current, weaker reformulations and I am not prepared to pay the steep price that they are asking for something that I do not absolutely love.

We have our own set of experiences with smell that can imprint so strongly in our psyche and cause an emotional response. There's a reason she is regarded as the ultimate ice queen - she is beautiful, yet cutting; inviting, yet prickly; and oh so statuesque in the surety of her very being.

The current formulation is just much too weak and really has zero staying power.

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