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19-Nov-2019 08:20

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I have changed the datetimepicker to Value Changed so now I dont have compare option to compare the datetimepicker with Now().

Your first requirement is already handled by virtue of the fact that you're using a Date Time Picker.

With the ctrl key, up/left will move backward one year, down/right will move forward one year.

Shift ctrl behaves the same as ctrl - that is, it does not change both month and year simultaneously, only the year.

The method shown may be of use if you have an application that receives dates as strings rather than as actual Date Time values.

Figure 1: Test Application in Use The Code The code is very simple and does not require much of an explanation.

Default: false Whether or not to close the datetimepicker immediately when a date is selected. Default: 2, 'month' The view that the datetimepicker should show when it is opened. Default: 0, 'hour' The lowest view that the datetimepicker should show. Default: 4, 'decade' The highest view that the datetimepicker should show. Default: false If true or "linked", displays a "Today" button at the bottom of the datetimepicker to select the current date.

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true - automatically generates a mask on the field 'format', Digit from 0 to 9, set the highest possible digit for the value.Unfortunately, there are two reasons why I cannot rely on the Date Time Picker's ability to prevent entry of dates before today: 1) The Date Time Picker is initialized on form load from a data record which may contain a date in the past.

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