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USA customers: 1-800-325-3010 or view local office numbers.

Transportation information can be found in Section 14 of the product's (M)SDS.

She sent us the recipe on her way back to Canada, lamenting she had not stocked up on “Essentials” before leaving. MCT oil was initially used to help treat diseases such as cystic fibrosis, obesity, and fat malabsorption.

More recently, athletes, bodybuilders, and diet gurus have jumped on the MCT bandwagon, embracing its fat-burning and energy-sustaining powers.

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A total of 42 Pleistocene to modern bone samples were selected according to their nitrogen content measured using an elemental analyzer.

The two approaches yield similar results with a good correlation of ATR-FTIR analyses and N wt% from 0.7 to 4wt% (²=0.97–0.99; standard error of estimation ±0.22 to 0.25wt%).