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12-Jul-2020 05:11

I would be eternally grateful for all and any support you are able to offer.

Thank you Colin Ferguson #myfriendsophie Thank you so much to everyone for their continued concern about Sophie, she is sadly currently in hospital fighting an infection on antibiotics but is stable and comfortable .

It has brought me true and lasting friends and colleagues, it’s satisfied my ever-questing and questioning mind, it has forged relationships in the most unexpected areas all over the world.

And all this has also opened the doors to some amazing contacts and technologies I believe I would never have encountered in any other industry arena.

We all joke about our bucket list and what we would put on it.

Sadly my friend has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness. I would like to raise some funds to ensure all the remaining time she has is as stress free as possible.

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To do some of those "things" that are important and the remainder to live on.

Many of those who know me admit they’d sensed something wasn’t quite right last year — and neither did I, although I muddled along pretending I was fine.