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An attentional subsystem is responsible for storing activity patterns into long-term memory.

When perceptual (bottom-up) and conceptual (top-down) signals are sufficiently similar, they generate resonance in the attentional subsystem, which supports memorization of current network activity.

Abstraction Boundary value Center Circle Collaboration Community Concepts Cut Democracy Dialogue Dimension Distinction Duality Ethics Fractals Governance Great Transition Hierarchy Holism Homeostasis Intention Interval Mathematical foundations Mystical geometry Oneness Ontology Opposites Relativity Resonance Semantics Social change Spirit The Absolute Whole systems ALL DECISIONS IN THE CONTEXT OF THE WHOLE This framework offers an initial and sketchy but comprehensive and integrated master-architecture for a "world that works for everyone".

It combines elements of universal spirituality and holism with ideas from science and governance, suggesting the basic dimensions of an ideal new science of communal self-governance (democracy) based on inclusion, networks, wholeness and centered judgment. Its success in the world would depend not so much on the technical facets of this or some similar design as on a kind of widespread philosophical or spiritual conversion experience shared among millions of people.

In this essay, we are exploring the concepts of resonance and "resonant semantics" as facets of a broad trust-building process that can help fuse the distinct cultural and demographic groups of the world into effective working alliances.

In our explorations of "group process" -- a broad subject that embraces themes like dialogue and deliberation and collective decision-making, and any sort of formal or structured method for successfully convening the wisdom and intelligence of a group of people -- there is much to be learned from the ancient concept of "circle".

It is intended to support collaboration across all social sectors within a single "resonant" context.

It outlines the development of a transformative social movement based on co-creative agreement, and reviews many details regarding the emergence of an enlightened and idealized democracy supported through internet communications.

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"In the ART, the stability of conceptual learning is achieved by division of labor between two processing subsystems: attentional and orienting subsystems.

This proposal suggests a blueprint for developing a collaborative unity of spirit in the context of national and global differences, taking a form that embraces science, religion and spirituality, and is grounded in the essence of reality itself.

RESONANT SEMANTICS Emerging from a conjunction of ancient wisdom and enlightened new-world spirituality, the concept of "resonance" has taken hold in popular culture.

Conversely, a mismatch between perceptual and conceptual signals triggers the activation of the orienting subsystem, which sends a global reset signal to the attentional subsystem.

The reset signal temporarily disables the currently active concept node and forces the attentional subsystem to search for a new node.For example the following would all be validated as TRUE: Like is Date(), is Valid() allows you to validate a date. If you call is Valid() specifying "USDate" as the format only US formatted dates will pass.

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