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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good an actor is: if they’ve been miscast, no amount of emoting, gurning and Oscar grandstanding can undo that bad decision. Connery’s mentor was still head and shoulders above the rest of the cast and even helped deflect attention away from the fact the casting agents hired French guy Christopher Lambert to play a Scot. But put some fake teeth and a big pair of comedy glasses on him, and… Gore Verbinski was of the belief that Johnny Depp paleface makeup = box-office success, but he learned how flawed that formula was with ‘The Lone Ranger’, an epic flop which put a 0 million crater in Disney’s earnings report.

Therefore, it was a very big leap – like, Sylvester Stallone in ‘Cliffhanger’ big – to believe Denise Richards was a nuclear physicist in 1999 Bond movie ‘The World Is Not Enough’. " data-reactid="56"The movie: ‘The Conqueror’ (1956) John Wayne is a cowboy. Even in full flow, a little bit of Elba’s East London accent was still detectable in amongst the South African vowel sounds. The only problem was, Nicolas Cage – even under the most punishing studio lights – was not a young man in 2007. A wag at Variety summed up the movie perfectly, saying it “comes up short in many departments”. Unbelievable." data-reactid="211"The movie: ‘Tiptoes’ (2003) How does this movie exist?

Somehow, in a movie about the devil’s own bounty hunter taking the form of a flaming skeleton, Cage’s casting was the hardest part to swallow. What unlikely series of events occurred in order to get this movie off the page and into reality?

I’ll write slowly so you can accept the full horror of the film’s plot: pregnant Kate Beckinsale learns that her partner Matthew Mc Conaughey’s family is prone to dwarfism, and his dwarf twin brother is played by…

In fact, he was 43 – at least 20 years too old to play the motorcycle stunt rider.

Still, you can’t keep a good Cage down, so we were treated to the sight of ‘Young Nic’ wearing a weird thatched wig and a scene where he flashes his (fake CG) abs in a mirror. " data-reactid="190"The movie: ‘Tiptoes’ (2003) How does this movie exist? She served as senior advisor for community partnerships in New York City, reporting directly to the city's Deputy Mayor Richard Buery, before she resigned earlier this month, presumably to help with her wife's campaign.

G: I’m ALWAYS horny, just can’t get enough to satisfy me C: Oh, me either, what are you in to G: I love making a woman cum over and over C: Really, how u gonna do that G: Since I’m not there, I can tell you a naughty story to get you hot if you want, for now… I stop by the local liquor store and pick up a 12 pack of beer and a bottle of tequila on my way to Siloam in case we need refreshments.… continue reading »

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'Channel 5 ought to remove her immediately from the programme, and apologise fully for their enormous error of judgement.… continue reading »

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I loved my father and mother and felt this 'special bond' made us closer as a family.… continue reading »

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We were very close in our thoughts and mindset, it didn't even feel like I was older at all.… continue reading »

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I ny åbnede lokaler på Amager, kom jeg sidste uge ind, med en meget øm "mor krop" som den. Continue reading » Men hvordan ser virkeligheden ud?… continue reading »

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A rather busy woman, Hoopz has been involved in different things apart from the realities.… continue reading »

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