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03-Nov-2019 11:47

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Many of them either hire working women or attract freelance working women looking for customers but plenty are simply mainstream with no connections to the sex industry whatsoever.

Jakarta is such a huge city that it can be difficult to navigate.

I’ve already posted a report on Blok M on this site.

The most notable places in the area are massage on the 6th floor of the Hotel Melawai where full service massage from very skilled women is available for 600,000 Rupiah ( US).

They figure that shelling out a little cash is all the courting they need.

Lucky for them there are lots of straight ahead pay for play options in Jakarta too. They occupy entire buildings and staff dozens or even hundreds of people.

Only a few years ago the normal asking price was more like 300,000 ( US).Many also feature sexy women dancing in various states of undress.I have already posted reviews on Malioboro, Alexis Hotel, V2, King Cross, Classic Hotel, and Illigals. Full service massage can typically be had for anywhere from 325,000 Rupiah () to more than 1,000,000 Rupiah depending on the lady and the venue.In most countries the freelance haunts stand apart from the more mainstream hotspots. Some women are happy to have a one night stand with a new guy. Some are looking for money and will happily hit the hay with a guy who can give them a little.

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Rates vary so much from one woman to the next that it’s impossible to give anything approaching an average. Women working these bars tend to ask for a lot more than women in other places around the city.

Foreign women from places like China and Russia tend to get higher rates than locals with the exception of the sexy dancers.