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Today’s DMM can achieve comparable accuracy, yet there are still instances where a VTVM is the only meter to have!Next, we will see a case where the faster response to any change in the voltage being measured comes in handy.The input impedance of analog VOM’s and the slow response of DMM’s makes the test shown above much more difficult to perform.You can check for leakage faster and with a visual indicator using a VTVM, and it is a worthwhile test.Just as the name implies, VTVM is the acronym for Vacuum Tube Volt Meter.

To give you a basic understanding of what a VTVM is, and why it is so valuable, let’s start with a crash course. At the end of the ‘Lesson’ I will impart with a book list that can help you become a better technician in no time flat!The meter movement is located in the cathode of the bridge circuit, and the differential voltage is displayed.In practice, these two triodes are a single 12AU7, which is the most common tube to be seen in every VTVM.Obviously, this wouldn’t appear ‘right’ to the technician, and he would go on to use a ‘better’ DMM.

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However, for demonstration purposes, the technician decides to use a VTVM, with an isolation probe.

That is, the input resistance is 10Meg, whether the range switch is operated on the 1-volt position or the 100-volt position.