Bobby deol dating history

02-Dec-2020 08:31

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Nobody exactly knows when they got married, as it is said that their personal life was kept as a secret until they finally decided to announce that they got married.It is said that Sunny and Pooja’s wedding was beautifully simple, and not that humongous.His debut film is called Betaab and it became a big hit in 1983. He still keeps making big hit movies such as Arjun, Tridev, Ghayal, Damini, Ghatak, Border, Dilagi, Ziddi, Daar, Ande and so many more. He was a successful and talented actor in bollywood that he has won so many awards than any other actors. She is also known as “Lynda Deol” and she is from the United Kingdom.The same as his dad’s, Sunny’s private life is not that exposed to the media.As it was also a secret, they were happy that there were no distractions.

This is probably why Sunny did his best to keep his family from media exposure because he loves his family so much he becomes too protective of them.According to, the two eloped and got married!However, there weren’t any reports of a formal second wedding, unlike his father Dharmendra.Eventually, the long-suffering wife Pooja put an end to her husband’s constant affairs.

The couple is still married and has two sons — Karan Deol and Rajvir Deol. His step mother is Hema Malini and his younger brother is named Bobby Deol.