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29-May-2020 06:25

Used in both 2- and 4-bolt configurations and varied from year to year.

Chevrolet shows this block only used in 4-bolt versions in 1969 Chevelles.

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The 327/350hp configuration was optional in 1965 but dropped for the 1966 model year until March 1966. The 327/350hp configuration was reintroduced for the 1966 model year in March 1966.Casting date on the right lower side near the freeze plug. First block to use spin-on filter in place of canister filters used in early Mark IV engines.Block #3935440 began replacing this block around January of 1968.One exception seems to be the 1970 engine blocks being dated as month letter, 1- or 2-digit date, and a 2-letter year number (70).

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If anyone has a photo of a KNOWN 1970 block with a single digit year code (0), please send me a photo of it and how you know it's a 1970 block.

The matrix below is for Chevelle applications only although many were used in other makes of the Chevrolet Division.

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