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27-Oct-2020 21:08

The language on the sites might not be something you want your children reading, and the pictures may be of things you don't want your kids to see.

It isn't easy to prevent your children from seeing adult content on the internet, but software programs and apps can help you protect your kids from content you don't want them to see.

The examples and images used in this blog post regard Windows 7.

The hosts file in earlier versions of Windows can be used in a similar fashion, but the configuration may not be exactly the same.

The Windows hosts file is located (Figure A) in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Click Yes on the popup window Now that Notepad is opened with administrative rights, the hosts file can be opened and edited. Click OK in the Properties window to complete the process The format of the entries in the hosts file looks like this (Figure C): IP_ADDRESS domain name That is the basic mapping from IP to domain. For example, an internal IP address to a hostname would be made with an entry like this: bodhi-linux Once the file is saved, the machine at the address can be reached using the name bodhi-linux. There is an address, called the loopback address, on a computer that refers to itself.

In order to edit and save the hosts file, administrative rights must be used. There could be one last hiccup in the saving of the hosts file - the hosts file could be set to read-only. If the loopback address is pinged, the machine being pinged would be the machine doing the pinging. The IP address of the loopback is always (that is the case in Windows, Linux, and Mac.).

So what needs to be done with the hosts file is: 1.

This is an effective step, but don't stop there.But did you know, there is a very simple solution built right into Microsoft Windows, which allows you to block unwanted sites from being viewed on a Windows 7 PC? Simply stated, the Windows hosts file is used to map IP addresses to Human Readable Names.This service is normally handled with a domain name server (DNS), but the hosts file allows you to bypass that server (When, say DNS isn't available).To set this up in the hosts file add a line similar to the one below (assuming the web server is at address unwanted.domain Where unwanted.domain is the actual domain to be re-directed.

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Now, when a user goes to unwanted.domain that user will be automatically directed to, which will display the policy.Make sure this doesn't happen by either selecting All Files from the Save as type drop-down, or renaming the file from to hosts from within Explorer.