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tells the story of Maddy, who has been housebound since she was a child after being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. It was made into an equally excellent movie in 2017.

If you're in the mood for love, this may be the perfect time to brush up on your classics.

is sure to leave you surrounded by a puddle of your own tears.

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Give yourself the benefit of the doubt with these nine popular dating apps, ahead.That reputation has, of course, lived on to this day.While many consider the book historical more than romantic, the Civil War romance between bad boy Rhett and Southern belle Scarlett is not to be missed.As if that doesn't complicate matters enough, things are further confused when she falls in love with two very different men from two very different centuries., Henry is a time traveler who can't control when he leaves or goes or where he ends up on his timeline of life.

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His relationship with Clare, therefore, evolves at all stages of her life.

If you haven’t seen the tearjerking movie yet, then start with the tearjerking book.