Bes gal not updating

01-Aug-2020 08:56

If you are going to automate this process, you need a mechanism to define which contacts from the GAL are desired.

Does your company already have an Exchange Distribution group called “All Employees” or something similar?

This could be the ideal Are there procedures in place to apply frequent staff contact changes to AD?

After all, if there is an outdated mobile phone number - highly efficient synchronization will send that wrong number to potentially hundreds or thousands of users.

One solution is to specify a subfolder such as What if the user already has some GAL contacts? A user may have gotten personal contact details from a coworker that isn’t in the GAL.

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If you have a need to sync the GAL (Global Address List) to a lot of Smart Phone users, first you should consider what’s in your GAL.

Before syncing the GAL to an i Phone or any other Smart Phone, take advantage of the lessons learned from your peers that have done this before.

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