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Procedural History A First Complaint was filed with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (the ? On October 25, 2004, and October 27, 2004, e Nom, Online Nic, Inc.

An Amended Complaint was filed with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (the ? d/b/a and Moniker Online Services, LLC a request for registrar verification in connection with the domain names at issue.

Decision: Transfer Domain: Complainant: True Blue Productions, Inc.,, USA Respondent: Chris Hoffman, USA Decision: Transfer Domain: download-kazaa.com, freekazaa.com, kazaa-download.com, kazaa-downloads.com, kazaa-media.com, kazaa-music.com, kazaa-virus.com, kazaaalite.com, kazaadesktop.com, kazaafree.com, kazaalie.com, kazaarlite.com, kazaars.com, kazaaupdate.com, kazacom.com, kazadownload.com, kazammusic.com, kazars.com, kazasa.com, kazzadownload.com, kazzamusicdownloads.com, kazzasoftware.com, lightkazaa.com, mikaza.com, my-kazza.com, www-kazaa.com, www-kazza.com, wwwkazaalite.com, Complainant: Sharman License Holdings, USA Respondent: Domains at Fabulous, Ireland Decision: Transfer Domain: Complainant: Pelmorex Communications Inc., Canada Respondent: weathernetwork, Great Britain Decision: Transfer Domain: ahoogroups.com, av3.com, avchatroom.com, avchatrooms.com, avdating.com, ayhoomail.com, byahoo.com, chatroomyahoo.com, geociteis.com, geocitirs.com, geocitise.com, launchyahoomusic.com, newsyahoo.com, personalyahoo.com, photoyahoo.com, shopyahoo.com, yahiomail.com, yaho9o.com, yahogroups.com, yahoimail.com, yaholigains.com, yahooaligans.com, yahooanimals.com, yahoobackdoors.com, yahoobooks.com, yahoobridge.com, yahoobt.com, yahoofantasy.com, yahoofish.com, yahooflower.com, yahoogalians.com, yahoogilins.com, yahooglains.com, yahooglans.com, yahooglins.com, yahoohotmail.com, yahooigan.com, yahooim.com, yahooj.com, yahoojobs.com, yahoolagns.com, yahoolagon.com, yahoolains.com, yahoolauch.com, yahoolauncher.com, yahooliagins.com, yahooliagns.com, yahooligain.com, yahooliganes.com, yahoolighans.com, yahooling.com, yahoolingans.com, yahooliogans.com, yahoomaiil.com, yahoomails.com, yahoomali.com, yahoomap.com, yahoomasanger.com, yahoomember.com, yahoomembers.com, yahoomemberservices.com, yahoomial.com, yahoonames.com, yahooomail.com, yahoopr.com, yahooscience.com, yahoostocks.com, yahoovideos.com, yahooweb.com, yahooyp.com, yahooz.com, yahopmail.com, yahpomail.com, yajoomail.com, yayoomail.com, yhaooligans.com, yhhoo.com, Complainant: Yahoo! and Overture Services, Inc., USA Respondent: Registrant (187640), Gary Lam, Birgit Klosterman, XC2, Robert Chua, Registrant, China Decision: Transfer, cancellation in part Domain: option1mortgage.com, optiononemortgagecorp.com, Complainant: Option One Mortgage Corporation, USA Respondent: Horoshiy, Inc., Netherlands Decision: Transfer Domain: alaskastockimage.com, Complainant: Alaska Stock LLC, USA Respondent: Darin Yates Studios, USA Decision: Transfer Domain: Complainant: Sport Supply Group, Inc., USA Respondent: Kendell Lang of Del Mar, USA Decision: Transfer Domain: pfizerforwoman.com, Complainant: Pfizer Inc., USA Respondent: Josh Green, USA Decision: Transfer Domain: Complainant: H & R Johnson Tiles Limited, Great Britain Respondent: Cristal Ceramicas S.

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Robert Chua, the Policy, the Rules, and the Supplemental Rules. is a global Internet communications, media, and commerce company that delivers a branded network of comprehensive searching, directory, information, communication, shopping services and other online activities and features to millions of Internet users daily. In June 2004, more than 146 million active registered members logged onto their personalized YAHOO! s registered member services, including auctions, classifieds, e-mail, chat rooms, and more.

The case before the Panel was conducted in the English language. Overture Services, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yahoo! mark has become one of the most recognized brands in the world, with a value of nearly US .9 billion according to Interbrand (copy of the 2003 Global Brands Scoreboard provided as Exhibit 5 of the complaint.).

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