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The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the following is almost an exact replica of the fat calculation from the cutting article.

This isn’t a mistake, though there are some extra caveats at the bottom.

Additionally, you will be hungrier when dieting, and protein has a satiating effect.

As this is a bulking diet, your calories will be higher, so you needn’t worry about muscle loss or hunger, hence the 0.8 grams per pound recommendation.

That's a PR lesson for her." Rousey said she isn't particularly against Octagon girls in general, adding that she has "a lot of respect" for Celeste's partner Brittney Palmer.

"She went and became a ring card girl to pay her way through art school and become a renowned artist," Rousey said.

This enables you to gain muscle, albeit at a slightly slower rate, but with much less in the way of fat gain.

Using this approach (depending on your starting point) you could bulk for 12 to 24 months while still looking lean and without fear of gaining an uncomfortable or excessive amount of body fat.

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Celeste told MMAjunkie Radio on Wednesday that Rousey was a "big bully" who "continuously picks on me." The UFC women's bantamweight champion also made incendiary remarks about Celeste in 2012. "That the fighters should get paid more than the ring girls? "Like, ‘Haha, it's your job to show your t*ts - I do that better than you! She's only getting older, and I'm reaching my prime." Celeste told MMAjunkie Radio that she's sick of the "bullying" and people "don't know how hard it is to be a model, be a host, be an Octagon Girl." Celeste said she tries to separate herself from the MMA world due to harsh critics and doesn't appreciate people looking down on her or her peers. It blows my mind that someone who doesn't even know me continuously picks on me.

This can yield excellent gains in muscle and strength, but brings with it a lot of added fat mass, often in as high as a 2:1 to 4:1 fat to muscle ratio.

The method I prefer to use myself and with clients, (and which I think you’ll prefer) is a lean gaining approach.

Step 1: Determining Calories First step again is to calculate roughly how many calories you need per day.

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Contrary to the cutting article, there will be no category for sedentary folks who do little to no exercise.

Multiply by 18 if you have an active job and train hard with weights four to six times per week, or you’re an athlete performing multiple weights and cardio sessions weekly or even daily.