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13-Nov-2019 11:10

Checks Unlimited also offers a host of additional business supplies including sheeted address labels, covers, address stampers and RFID wallets which protect your checks against the electronic skimming that allows thieves to obtain your banking information.4offers more than 600 unique designs, excellent security features, competitive pricing and free shipping.

It also has a number of attractive promotional deals for those who purchase more than one box.

It's no surprise--checks are seen as the slow and inconvenient alternative to payment when you can easily transfer funds or purchase items with cash or credit.

Checks are still a viable and necessary part of our lives, however.

Although the company offers a choice of approximately 2500 designs, you won't find well-known cartoon characters among them.

In addition to checks, Check Advantage sells deposit slips and various supplies including 7-ring check binders, check envelopes and pre-inked stamps.

Checks Unlimited has earned a reputation for superb fraud prevention security features.

These include features like special safety paper, a treatment that makes stains appear if someone attempts to chemically alter the check, and erasure protection.

One easy way to tell if you're ordering checks from a reputable company whose products meet basic security standards is to look for a little padlock icon on the right side of their checks under the "amount" box.

If you want to save some cash when buying checks, I've reviewed the best places to order checks online.

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Check Advantage has been in business since 2001 and offers customers unique, original designs created by top-notch photographers and graphics artists exclusively licensed by Check Advantage.Because inputting your personal banking information can be stressful, I was only confident in the companies who could earn my trust.

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