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19-Aug-2020 22:24

One service, Mixtape, aggregates the songs that two Coffee Meets Bagel users have in common.The other, Date Spots, is designed to help people find the ideal locale for a first date by tapping Yelp’s database for restaurants or bars that fit their preferences.“You would never say, ‘I’d like to spend four months messaging someone.’” In January, Match released its “missed connections” feature, which allows users to see potential companions they’ve crossed paths with based on location data that they choose to share.“It gives you the ability to reach out to someone and say, ‘Hey, we shop at the same Whole Foods, we live in the same area and we like the same things.’ It gets back to figuring out ways that people can get a better sense of who you really are in the real world,” Ginsberg said.

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“We gave users a dashboard to help them understand why you and this other person should talk,” said Langston, whose company charges about for a month’s subscription. They can say, ‘I’m very synced up with this person in terms of energy and ambition,’ and they can decide if they think those things are big values for them.” In the future, Langston said, biological data could conceivably supplement the standard, lengthy personality questionnaire that comes with an e Harmony account.“We think our users genuinely want to meet other people face-to-face, in a way that feels organic and comfortable, but don’t always know how,” said Robyn Exton, CEO of Her.