Accommodating resistance training machines

22-Dec-2019 16:46

It is hard to reveal the 8 best strength exercises for a tennis player without an understanding that the best exercises are usually those that need a lot of technique work.

Though I favor doing back squats, front squats and many variations of the Olympic lifts, I understand that those lifts can only benefit those that can properly learn them.

Start with a lightweight, pump out about 8-10 reps, adding weight each set until you do 4 complete sets.

The last set should be tough and coming close to failure.

Also, many tennis players are not very experienced in the weight room so one list would not suffice and many good ones would be left out.

The hyperextension exercise works the back erector, glutes, and hamstring muscles.

Be in control and feel the hip adductor muscles (the groin) working.

Do 2 sets of 15 reps, making the last set tough and near failure.

There is no doubt that strength training comes in many forms and fashions.

There are balls, bands, boxes, bars, bells, plates, and numerous machines.From here, the athlete pushes the legs inward against the pads until the legs are together and then, under control, allow the legs to go as far apart as possible, repeat movement.